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As Pivot's quintessential trail bike, the Mach 5. 5 Carbon Mountain Bike Frame represents everything you need in a modern mountain bike. You'll enjoy progressive geometry that's longer, slacker, and lower for unflappable composure at high speeds over aggressive terrain. You'll also reap the rewards of 5. 5-inches of buttery smooth and strikingly efficient DW-Link suspension travel that keeps your tires glued to the ground as you crest technical climbs, plow through chunky rock gardens, and rocket down blistering descents. And being a Pivot, the carbon fiber frame is exceptionally well-made, offering impressive strength at a very competitive weight. In short, the Mach 5. 5 is an ideal trail bike for riders that demand the very best from their equipment. Riders who need a bike that climbs like a goat and descends like an enduro race sled, but is quick and agile in order to keep the fun factor high on flowy singletrack. The Mach 5. 5 Carbon retains the sought-after benefits of the DW-Link suspension platform, namely the ability to claw up the steepest, chunkiest climbs and soak up square-edge hits on the descent, all while staying active under braking. Once you've reached the summit after a grueling climb, 5. 5-inches of rear travel gobbles up loose rocks and smooths out choppy terrain at high speeds. It's all party up front, with 6. 3-inches of fork travel providing the confidence to rally across anything in sight, including sections usually reserved for longer-travel rigs. This 20-millimeter disparity between front and rear travel gives you a bit more efficiency for pedaling, but with extra plushness up front for cleaning notoriously technical sections of trail. Seeing the industry is constantly evolving, it makes perfect sense to see the Mach 5. 5 Carbon with a slacker, longer, and lower geometry for riders seeking a progressive trail bike that stays glued to the trail and retains stability at high speeds. The 66. 5-degree head tube angle offers composure on hi...   read more
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