Calculating Duty and Taxes

Many of the retailers for the shop are based in the USA. If you live in Canada, as most of you do, you might have to pay Canadian duty and taxes when buying an item. This will be calculated when the item crosses the border, and billed to you when it is delivered.

Don't worry! It's quite easy to predict the amount that you will be billed..

"Any item mailed to Canada may be subject to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and/or duty." (source) If you live in a province where there is PST or HST, that will also apply. Canadian taxes and duty will be billed at the border, and not when you checkout online. This applies to any purchase with a value of $20 or greater.

Duty may apply on any item that was made outside of Canada, USA, and Mexico. You can search for and contact the manufacturer if it is unclear where your item is made. Items made in Canada, USA, or Mexico are duty-free.


The Following Items are Always Duty-Free:


The Following Items May Require You to Pay Duty:

Index for Duty - You can look up the numbers here
Duty and Taxes Calculator - The calculator is missing some of the products listed above


As exlained, any applicable duty and tax will be charged to you when the item is delivered to you. Do not be surprised when you are asked to pay it by the delivery person. They might notify you by email and allow you to pay it online before your item arrives.

Did we miss anything? Contact us if you have any questions about duty and taxes.
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