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Whether we're shredding urban dirt or torching the local park scene you'll see this unique and beautiful Why T. F(Take Flight) frame underneath us. This titanium frame will last through the apocalypse, and with modern numbers and a 27. 5in tire size, we're not going to have any problem finding parts for it afterward. This progressive dirt jump bike stretches the boundaries of what a dirt jump bike is and can do. Why encourages us to run this bike how we want, and has outfitted it with dropouts that accept geared, single-speed, or belt drive options. This unique titanium frame has us honing our skills and being the talk of the local scene while we're confidently tricking over big tables and sending huge gaps. The frame uses dirt jump-inspired geometry for getting air and taming the local dirt scene. This bike is also built around a 27. 5in wheel, giving it a unique place in the dirt jump world. Why Cycles chose to outfit the TF with 27. 5 wheels so they could run larger bottom bracket drop, giving the bike a unique ability to rail through corners and stay stable on landings. Larger wheels also help us keep our speed up easier, helping keep our momentum all the way to the next transfer. The head angle is also steeper with the new wheel size, and at 69 we're comfortable playing around on this snappy front end. We can't wait to take this functional piece of art out to the local dirt jump scene.   read more
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