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When it comes to high speeds and gnarly terrain, long travel 29ers are arguably the most efficient tool for the job. The current trends in geometry along with advancements in frame design and suspension technology have transformed these machines into unstoppable enduro weapons that make quick work of daunting rock gardens and unruly descents, but are still enjoyable to ride when you're racking up miles on somewhat tamer terrain and flow trails. The Megatower Carbon CC Coil is Santa Cruz's most recent heavy-hitter that exemplifies these traits, and represents their burliest 29er to date. This version of the Megatower frame comes with a FOX Factory DHX2 Coil shock for maximum bump-absorption with heaps of traction, though the frame is also available with an air shock if you're after a more lively ride. It's worth noting that Santa Cruz didn't design the Megatower as a direct replacement for the Hightower LT, it's a completely different beast altogether, optimized for pure speed on rugged enduro stages and steep downhill runs. If you prefer a nimbler bike with more traditional geometry, you may enjoy the Hightower LT a bit better. Enduro racers or those wanting the most modern, up-to-date geometry and who want to go fast, the Megatower is your bike. The slacker head angle and 10mm more suspension travel give you high-speed stability through the gnar, while remaining agile, comfortable in the air, and still climbing with authority. If that sounds like a good recipe for an enduro race bike, you'd be exactly right and that's exactly where the Megatower positions itself. With some of the longest reach numbers, steepest seat tube angles, and longest wheelbases we've seen come out of the firm's headquarters, this is one progressive 29er that likes to get rowdy. While the LT might have been a quick fix to get its sponsored riders competitive in enduro races, the Megatower started life as an enduro weapon built from the ground up and represents a two-year project to a...   read more
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