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Its no secret that long travel 29ers are an excellent choice for smashing gnarly terrain at speed--all you have to do is look at the bikes under most EWS riders to sort that out. But there is an interesting development that is sparking a trend in the category of aggressive trail riders around the world. As these long travel steeds become more and more refined, many gravity-oriented shredders are realizing that these 29ers are plenty efficient for pedaling around and enjoying rolling terrain from time to time without many sacrifices at all. The Megatower Carbon CC Air Frame is a perfect example of this trend, boasting all of the heavy-hitting prowess you'd expect from a 160mm travel 29er, with a surprisingly efficient pedaling-platform to back up the idea that this could indeed be a one-bike quiver for the right kind of rider. This version of the Megatower frame is paired with a Fox Float X2 Factory shock for the highest level of performance and adjustability that Fox has to offer, making the frame an absolute enduro weapon that feels pleasantly sprightly in less demanding terrain.   read more
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