These photos are from the first trip of the season in December 2007 to Golden BC. I joined jeff and brendan keenan, leanne Pelosi, Natasza Zurek, and Hana Beaman on a pre christmas powder mission. The girls were filming for Runway Films See what I see and the Boys were along to ride pow and shoot photos with Russell Dalby. we went through Revelstoke on the way, this was a pretty snowy and scary drive at times we saw a lot of cars flipped over and in ditches along the roads. we were in snow from hope onwards. needless to say we rode a lot of deep light powder, what a way to start the season. thanks Russell for coming along!

- Matt Standish

shredding shots
Golden BC Matt Standish Brendan Keenan
Leanne Pelosi Jeff Keenan Brendan Keenan
Russell Dalby, Golden BC Matt Standish Matt Standish
Here Russell and Leanne are laughing at this van with no wheel. This van just lose its wheel we watched the wheel roll down the middle of the street in Revelstoke. Matt Standish Brendan Keenan
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