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Titan Kayaks
The Mix Kayak blends a high-performance whitewater freestyle hull with a fun sit-on-top design. Maybe not quite high performance enough to compete in the World Championships, it still surfs and handles like no other sit-on-top. High outer walls bring the volume close to the centre while providing good control through the thighs. This extra control lets you edge, carve and spin down waves. The compact length and flat hull make turning is easy even for the kiddlets! If you're looking for a whitewater feel, the thigh braces will really spice it up. It can be rolled, and can pull-off more advanced freestyle moves like airscrews and helixs. In short, this boat is super enjoyable and is very capable. For flat water lake paddle, local river run, and sunny surf at your favorite break, the Mix is a solid choice.Made of recyclable linear high density polyethylene that is super strong for better performance and a faster feel.3 point thigh braces can be used for improved control.Draining rails allows for water to escape the cockpit when playing in whitewater.Drain plug allows for removal of any collected water.Single hatch between the legs holds the essentials.Heel and toe foot pods allows for more control, regardless of your size.   read more
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