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Play the river. The Ripper is a cutting-edge freestyle boat that merges technical capability with playfulness. Its high-volume bow punches through holes and resurfaces quickly and predictably after drops. The low-volume stern surfs well and helps you get vertical for stern squirts and kickflips. The 9-foot length (!) gives you tons of hull speed for ""must-make"" moves that you would never attempt in your 6-foot playboat. Edges are pronounced at the bow for precision across eddy lines, and soften toward the stern for added predictability. Safety features, including multiple reinforced, recessed clip points and upgraded Stout 2 outfitting, add to to its big-water-readiness.Slicey, low volume stern allows for old-school stern squirts, new-school kickfips and cartwheels off waterfalls.Planing hull for endless soul surfs.Full-volume bow is all business, with lots of rocker to carry you over river features and a contoured deck for predictable resurfacing after big drops.Bow control edges give you carving performance on waves and downriver manoeuvrability, then soften toward the stern for forgiveness.Long waterline provides hull speed for catching fast waves on the fly and nailing moves on big water.Unique aluminum grab handles double as strong and durable clip-in points for extractions, with captive inserts for a dry ride.Beefy Stout 2 outfitting includes oversized hip pads, full-length contoured thigh grips and a long, ergonomic seat that pivots for an engaged or relaxed position. The front-to-back adjustment is now easier for faster boat trimming.Adjustable hip pads let you add and remove foam shims for a perfect fit and connection.Ratchet backband adjusts forward, backwards and vertically.Adjustable thigh grips provide solid boat connection for comfort and control.   read more
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