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For your next play date on the river. This freestyle kayak is ridiculously fun on a wide range of features. The bow and stern volumes are designed for maneuverability, but it's long enough to have a blast running some rapids. From surfing to throwing some shapes, this playboat knows how to have a good time.MZ3 construction in single layer high-density polyethylene is light, scratch resistant and durable.Progressive rocker planes efficiently, increases maneuverability and softens landings.Design features a peaked deck to shed water and improve directional control.Stout 2 outfitted cockpit features an ergonomic seat, foam hip pads, and adjustable padded thigh grips.Backband is padded and easily adjustable with a ratchet system.Foam footrest wedge offers a firm but comfortable platform.Mini cell foam pillars add structural integrity to the deck with added buoyancy.Climbing-grade aluminum security points are made by DMM.   read more
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