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Does time slow down when you paddle the Machno? This kayak's smooth glide can make it feel so. Refined with feedback from Team Pyranha members around the globe, it has a formidable bow rocker profile to keep you on top of things and a wide planing hull and soft chines to make it stable and predictable. A manoeuvrable platform with the volume to inspire confidence, this is a boat for epic days of playing and river running.MZ3 plastic hull blends impact resistance and high stiffness for performance and safety.Wide planing hull is confidence-inspiring while being manoeuvrable.Extreme bow rocker keeps your boat above water.Soft rails helps with controlled carving turns without feeling grabby.Unique aluminum grab handles are strong and durable, with captive inserts for a dry ride.Beefy Stout 2 outfitting includes oversized hip pads, full-length contoured thigh grips and a longer, more ergonomic seat that pivots for an engaged or relaxed position. The front-to-back adjustment is now easier for faster boat trimming.Foam can be added to several parts of the seat for a personalized fit.Adjustable hip pads let you add and remove foam shims for a perfect fit and connection.Ratchet backband adjusts forward, backwards and vertically.Adjustable thigh grips provide solid boat connection for comfort and control.   read more
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