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This new twist on the innovative creek and river runner is made for extreme racers chasing short-boat glory on the Green, Oetz or Ottawa. The 9R II is precise, capable and fast fast FAST! Its highly rockered bow generates dynamic lift, preventing speed-killing submarine-ing. The flat hull profile channels water under the boat to help you get up to hull speed fast. The asymmetric Swede form, narrow beam and continuous rocker help you stay there. Comes with Stout 2 outfitting for a precise fit and improved control.MZ3 plastic hull blends impact resistance with stiffness for performance and safety.Extreme bow rocker provides a fast, dry ride.Rounded edges at bow provide handling that's precise but not twitchy.Cut-off stern ensures maximum waterline length under the 9-foot race limit.Stern edge for clean releases.Peaked bow and stern deck shed water for fast and predictable resurfacing.New Stout 2 outfitting features improvement to comfort, ergonomics and overall adjustability.Foam can be added to several parts of the seat for a personalized fit.Hip pads are overfilled and mould to your shape. Foam shims can be added to a snug fit.Ratchet backband adjusts forward, backwards and vertically.Adjustable thigh grips provide fore/aft adjustment for improved comfort and control.Full plate footrest is adjustable.Gear strap holds throwline or water bottle close by.   read more
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