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Maximum forward speed: that's what the Pyranha team was after when they developed the 12R kayak. This 12-foot-long boat is designed to be a river running beast. The massive bow rocker lifts over obstacles, punches through holes and resurfaces quickly. The narrow width increases the hull's efficiency and allows for fast edge transitions - it hits the sweet balance of fast and fun. For multi-days, attainments, races, vertical miles, challenging and developing your skills, crazy big enders, big booming fun, or simply mixing it up with your crew, this is the boat that guarantees a smile on your face. The Stout 2 outfitting ensures you're in control when hitting big features.MZ3 plastic hull improves impact resistance and stiffness for performance and safety.Rounded edge bow provides forgiveness to keep you on your line.Centre-to-stern slight edge for control.Peaked bow and stern deck shed water for fast resurfacing.Stern edge for clean releases.Updated Stout 2 outfitting features improvement to comfort, ergonomics and overall adjustability.Foam can be added to several parts of the seat for a personalized fit.Hip pads are overfilled and mould to your shape. You can add foam shims for a snug fit.Ratchet backband adjusts forward, backwards and vertically.Adjustable thigh grips provide fore/aft adjustment for improved comfort and control.Full-plate footrest is adjustable.Gear strap holds throwline or water bottle close by.   read more
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