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What do you get when you take something amazing and make it even more spectacular' A unicorn--or the Dagger Nomad Medium Kayak, if you're talking about creek boats. The original Nomad put down some serious first descents, so Dagger knew it had some serious work to do. That being said, the changes are so minimal that the newly redesigned Nomad offers the same forgiveness, predictability, and stability as the original. To start, the Nomad Medium's added rocker keeps the bow up and carries more speed, allowing you to point and shoot, thread the needle, and send it through the burliest whitewater without having to think twice. The increased volume promotes more flotation, and the reshaped deck aids in resurfacing. And as the middle child in the Nomad lineup, the Medium's 8ft 6in length, 326-liter capacity will float most paddlers while remaining nimble, sporty, and creek-savvy.   read more
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