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Something New is Coming from Sweetgrass Productions
Posted by Dan on 12/12/2012
"Deep in the woods of British Columbia lies a place where people still bark at the moon. A place so wild and free that anything and everything goes. In between the hallowed pillow stacks and snow-caked trees of deep Canadian winter, our man is on a journey. Searching for what, he's not exactly sure. Without much more than a pen, a paper, and skis, he's out to find something he lost sometime long ago-- his freedom.

Valhalla, Sweetgrass' 4th feature film to date, is a film about the weightlessness of youth, about a wild tribe and one man's journey to rediscover the bright eyes of his childhood, the beauty and creativity of every moment. Shot entirely on the RED EPIC camera and backed by Sweetgrass' award-winning, face-melting, cinematography, Valhalla is a vivid explosion of color, snow, and soul."

VALHALLA: A New Film From Sweetgrass Productions from Sweetgrass Productions

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