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5 POV Videos You Should Check Out
Posted by Dan on 11/11/2012
Point-of-view cameras are one of those gadgets you must have these days. Last season I saw this one guy who forgot his gloves AND jacket, during a blizzard, but had still remembered to mount his GoPro. Maybe your POV cam isn't that important, but it can certainly improve your shred experience on the right day.

If you want to be the next POV hero, here are 5 videos to check out and a our comments on what makes them worth watching:

James Heim and Michelle Parker are known as two of the more well mannered, down-to-earth pros out there. Any POV video is more enjoyable when we know we're not watching some douche bag get the goods.

Ditto for Dave Short.

You don't need to be pro to be able to produce a sick POV edit. If you're shredding a zone that we're interested in, and back it up with a good soundtrack, we can ignore the lack of stompage on those cliffs.

..But having a bit of money supporting you can certainly help for this sort of thing, too.

If you're shredding gnarly lines, but not hucking any tricks, a POV camera can help you get the respect you deserve. It's a lot easier to appreciate Eric Hjorleifson's high level of skiing when looking at it from his angle and not from some heli circling above.
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