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Loaded, it's a fast cruiser for extended expeditions. Empty, it's a playful, responsive day boat. Stable and efficient, the Cetus has a rounded chine, slightly V-shaped hull, and generous bow rocker for control while running with waves. With 4 hatches, it's built for instructors or expedition kayakers venturing out for long trips and exposed conditions.Hybrid performance construction uses Kevlar and Diolen to create a stiff, durable and impact resistant kayak.4 hatches provide lots of options for loading gear.Deck pod forward of the cockpit to store small items and safely access them on the water.Moulded thigh grips and vacuum-formed seat provide solid and comfortable contact points for paddling efficiency and control.Adjustable backrest is supportive but low-profile to allow layback rolls and dynamic upper body movements.Retractable skeg lets you fine-tune handling and directional stability as conditions change.MV (mid-volume) version is recommended for paddlers between 55kg and 115kg or smaller paddlers who want capacity for long trips.   read more
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